JP Allen believes that anyone can learn to play harmonica... site

  From Mississippi, Adam Gussow's marvelous, full spectrum site

 Rick Nielsen's extensive site on the "Mississippi Saxophone"

Mike Will's page is an excellent source for info on the diatonic harp.

Pat Missin not only plays, he is a scholar on harmonica history.

Extensive links, lessons, store and more.

Blues Harp Nation
Blues Harp Nation

Overblow fanatic Tinus Koorn plays everything on a single diatonic harp.

The Society for the Preservation and Advancement of the Harmonica

This site is for chromatic harmonica players; extensive resources.

 Everything for amplifying harps; amps, custom wood mics, etc.

 A site for collectors of antique, rare and collectible harmonicas

Harmonica Master Class specializes in educational materials for blues freaks.  

Lots of personalized tips on playing the harmonica here

  More than 13,000 harp tabs here

England checks in with "The Harp Players Harp Site"--deep stuff.

A website devoted to the history and lore of blues harmonica music

A large data base of information about amplifiers for harmonica players

Down under site from Adelaide, Australia; free downloads, plus

 One of the most comprehensive harmonica sites with almost 500 links

A national directory of harmonica teachers

Planet Harmonica has a global perspective and a wide array of resources.